Aqua-dapter has a 12 month parts Warranty.

Aqua-dapter won 2 awards at the N.E.C Cleaning Show 2011 out of all 40+ participant Companies.

Aqua-dapter® (patent pending) is a water fed pole (WFP) on/off flow controller.

It is the most convenient way to switch your water on/off. 

Problems with existing methods of water flow control include:

  • Pinching/kinking the hose means keeping one hand on the hose, or leaving the water running while you adjust the pole.
  • Triggers can be awkward to use and have an irritating loop of hose which can twist or snag.
  • Inline Taps are a slower, less efficient, method of controlling water use. They sometimes leak and either have a loop of hose, or you have to find the tap and bend down to operate it. This can put strain on your back and often becomes too much trouble.
  • Remote controls need batteries and you have to be within range for them to work.
  • Holsters attached to your waist mean you are attached to the hose. As well as feeling rather restrictive, you can also get the problem of wet trousers!

Aqua-dapter® has been specifically designed to overcome these, and other, problems associated controlling water use for Water Fed Pole users!

How Does It Work?
The Aqua-dapter® is operated by pulling on the hose at the bottom of the pole to switch the water flow on or off.

The tap can also be turned by hand if you are working on ground level windows. See videos.

Released in June 2010, known worldwide, the Aqua-dapter® is backed by excellent Customer Service, a 12 month warranty and money back satisfaction guarantee so you can buy with confidence. In development for over 2 years before release, rigorously tested ‘in the field’ and put through other tests too.
See videos of the Aqua-dapter®.